Outsourcing of technology and business processes has been an important strategic option for firms of all sizes and sectors for some time. Not everyone is benefiting equally however as providers and individual relationships vary widely.

Hydrakos Consulting can help firms ensure they are maximizing the benefit of offshore BPO and IT Outsourcing arrangements by providing a range of services:

On Site Due Diligence covering such areas as:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Human Resources
  • Business Continuity Planning

Relationship Management/Optimization

Review the relationship to ensure industry best practices, full utilization of vendor’s capabilities, optimal allocation of provider engagement

Relationship Remediation

Address a specific issue or set of issues with an offshore relationship, engage provider in finding a solution, propose remediation alternatives

Vendor Evaluation/Assessment

Perform a comprehensive review of the relationship including due diligence and optimization protocols, report findings and make recommendations


Hydrakos Consulting can help providers of offshore IT and BPO services to better understand and serve their onshore customers and prospects. These services include:

  • Information process flows
  • Compliance requirements
  • Risk management

Hydrakos Consulting can help offshore providers who are less familiar with these specific domain areas to position themselves to deliver this expertise to existing clients and to demonstrate the provider’s capabilities to potential clients.

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